Park Closures, Road Restrictions & Fireworks Notification


Park Closures:

Frontier Park Oval 1 will be closed to the public from Tuesday 27 February 2024 until Tuesday 5 March 2024.

Frontier Park Oval 2 will be closed to the public on Saturday 2 March 2024.


Road Restrictions:

As we bring Flavour Fest to life, certain road alterations will be made. Please see below for the listing of road restrictions that will apply for the duration of the event.

There will be a temporary pedestrian crossing installed on the corner of Frontier Avenue and Arbourton Avenue. This pedestrian crossing will be manned with traffic controllers from 11:45am until 9:15pm to ensure pedestrians can safely cross the street.

8:00am – 11:00pm Saturday 2 March Traffic Restrictions

Speed will be reduced from 50kmph to 40kmph

  1. Reduced speed on Frontier Avenue between Fields Street and Timbertop Parade
  2. Reduced Speed on Woodlea Boulevard
  3. Reduced Speed on Arbourton Avenue
  4. Reduced Speed on Tamarind Avenue
  5. Reduced Speed on Timbertop Parade
  6. Reduced Speed on Fields Street

We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding these traffic restrictions that will provide suitable and safe access for pedestrians to and from the event site.



A fireworks display has been included in the program and will be held at approximately 8:45pm. Please note this time is subject to change and is correct at the time of printing. The fireworks display is also subject to weather conditions on the evening.

Fireworks & Your Pets:

Fireworks can at times, frighten pets. To reduce the impact of this on any pets in your care, we ask that you consider bringing them indoors for the duration of the display. To further minimise the stress to your pets, you could feed them or play some music while the display is in progress. The display will go for approximately ten minutes.

Dogs and cats can become agitated during fireworks and escape from their home. They may jump, burrow, or push through fences or gates to escape. Ensure your pet’s microchip details and council registration are up to date and that your pet is wearing a collar or ID tag with a current phone number marked on it.

Fireworks & People with Noise Sensitivities:

Some people who experience noise sensitivity may become upset, agitated, or anxious when they hear fireworks.

There are a few suggestions that you might find useful:

  • Offer noise cancelling headphones, earmuffs, or ear plugs
  • Create a safe place to watch the fireworks from. Maybe include a favourite item of comfort
  • Watch a YouTube video on fireworks prior for preparation
  • Throughout the display, remain calm, offer reassurance, and help talk them through the experience
  • Offer a snack or activity. Often having something else to focus on can help ease anxiety.